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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Get Clients, but how?

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This is a very good article taken from internet. It is addressed to service providers but it is very much relevant for translators-frelancers.

"How to Really Get All The Clients You Want"

by Travis Greenlee © 2005

As you are probably well aware, the service profession
evolving more rapidly than ever before. Competition,
and consumerism are taking huge bites out of your

You're working harder, feeling more stressed, and not
yet seeing the
results you want. The old answers to building and
sustaining your
business don't seem to be working any more.

Whether you like it or not, it's time to take action
and re-engineer
your business - or risk your future.

With this in mind, I'd like to share 5 proven
strategies that will
create irresistible demand for your services,

1. Understand that the primary objective of your
business should be
the MARKETING of your professional services, NOT the
delivering of your services. Most service
professionals have it
backwards. You see, the challenge is that most of us
have been
taught that simply because we deliver excellent
service and
provide enormous value, clients will automatically
our doors down.

Well, I can tell you from personal experience, as well
as with
hundreds of my clients, it's simply not the truth. The
key to
building a long term, solid practice is the quality
and consistency
of your marketing much more than the actual delivery
of your
services. As Michael Gerber states in the e-myth
revisited, working
on your business much more than working in your

2. Become a "positioner" not a prospector. A
positioner is someone
who builds his/her reputation such that prospects come
to them, they
command respect. Positioners pick and choose clients,
prospectors hustle and struggle to get clients.
Become a positioner
and share your valuable knowledge, expertise, and
education with
prospects, as a result you will be viewed as the "go
to" person.

3. Use an education-based marketing approach to
attract new clients.
This is the process used by industry leading service
professionals to
attract and enroll highly qualified prospects by
giving them what
want, not by selling or promoting. Selling based
marketing is out,
it's old school.

Think about it, the problem is that prospects go out
of their way to
avoid you, they even become defensive. How does that
make you feel?
The key is to look for opportunities to create and
give your
information away, which in turn will position you as
the expert. As a
result, you will create a powerful magnet to pull
clients to you.

4. Design, create, sell and give away information
products to
generate leads. All highly successful service
professionals are avid
writers and producers of information products. The
benefits of
creating your own info products are many: beginning
with creating
passive revenue, allowing you to enjoy more time,
freedom, and
increased bandwidth to make a larger impact in the

In terms of positioning, creating an info product will
highly qualified prospects who view you as an expert
in your field,
and as a result, will pay top dollar to work with you.

5. Become a specialist, not a generalist. This is a
big one. Highly
successful service professionals are specialists at
one thing. When
people think of that one thing, the specialist comes
to mind.
Prospects who want that one thing will pay top dollar
for coaching
and advice, and are attracted like a magnet.

I'm sure you've heard how vitally important it is to
identify and
define your target market. I can't overemphasize the
importance of
this. Without having a crystal clear idea of who you
are, in terms of
your strengths, gifts, talents, and experiences and
who you will
support based on your attributes, you are literally
shooting yourself
in the foot.

If you haven't identified your target market and have
made the
commitment to becoming a specialist and expert in your
it's absolutely essential that you do as quickly as
After all, you have a message to share and a profound
to make in the lives of those you touch...

Make the commitment today to take on these 5
strategies and
incorporate them into your practice. If you do, your
life and
practice will never be the same.


Travis Greenlee is a business design and development
coach who
specializes in teaching coaches, consultants,
professionals, and
business owners to earn a more profitable living doing
what they
love. He is an expert in high-tech/hi-touch marketing
systems and is
internationally recognized for supporting
solo-professionals in
building full time practices in less than 180 days.
Visit Travis here: http://tinyurl.com/4nuv5