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Friday, January 26, 2007

Finding Your Market Niche As A Freelance Translator


You may be familiar with the term “market niche” – which is simply a focused audience within the general audience. The easiest route to finding your niche in the market is to look to your specialization – your area of expertise and match it to the appropriate users.

Income is a consideration for selecting a niche, if your specialization is not in demand in the marketplace, then it is not serving your purpose. On the other hand, joining the masses in a very popular specialization raises the level of competition you are facing in securing clients.

The other point to consider is the market itself, where is the demand strongest and how closely is it related to your expertise? If you specialize in literary translations of the classics, what products or services are related to this theme?

Offering your services to archaeological organizations such as museums or companies that market items from a certain historical period that you know well can provide you with some lucrative opportunities.

Looking at individuals who work for themselves or have small companies can provide you with the opportunity to broaden your skills with a variety of translations projects. Translating a novel for an author or the website of a designer who want to enter the market of another country represent two types of projects you could consider.

The bottom line in choosing a market niche is your interest level because you will be spending a lot of time researching, developing and promoting your services to this market. Be aware that you will have competition no matter what market niche you choose. You will have to study what they are doing and then find a way to present what makes your services unique.