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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tips to Improve Interpretation Skills

Tips to Improve Interpretation Skills

While some people are excellent with their translation they still are not able to do a good job at interpreting because they fail to give notice to other important issues such as tone of voice, pronunciation and intonation. So, what should be borne in mind while improving these qualities to provide better interpretation service?

The tone of voice plays an important role in interpretations. It is best to carry out interpretations in a calm neutral voice although some interpreters may even try to replicate the passion of the speaker’s voice. This reproduction of emotions of the speaker can be permissible if it is kept without going to any extremes which may then sound disrespectful. Also, speaking with great emphasis could leave the interpreter drained and lose vigor quickly.

It is also important to bear in mind the usual tone of voice that is used in communicating different languages. Some languages are spoken in a very calm voice while others are spoken with more emphasis. The tone of voice must be adjusted such that languages spoken with different pitch should be quite similar to one another. This will prevent misunderstandings between people understanding different languages that you are interpreting.

Correct pronunciation is important for you to relay whatever the speaker is communicating properly to the others. The audience must be able to understand what you as the interpreter are trying to tell for which pronunciation and vocabulary must be quite exceptional.

Another factor that needs to be given importance for you to excel as an interpreter is to have the right intonation. Accent is a huge problem while learning other languages as your accent for the native language influences the way you speak the other language. Try to develop good pronunciation skills while learning the other language without much influence from your native language. This needs special exercises and training to achieve and may not be very easy.

Work hard and practice on improving on skills such as tone, pronunciation and intonation and add it to your skills of translation and very soon you will definitely come out in flying colors.


Emily Mary said...

These are amazing tips of interpretation thanks for providing us.

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