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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Twenty Questions Every Freelance Translator Should Ask


Top Twenty Questions Every Freelance Translator Should Ask

1. What dialect is required for the translation? For example; Caribbean, Mexican or Castilian Spanish.

2. What will be the end use of the translation? For example; general public information, print publication, instruction or legal.

3. What is the reader profile? For example, technical specialists, lay people or governmental agency.

4. What level of quality is needed for the translation? For example, first draft, revision, printer’s proof.

5. Are there any special style or terminology requirements? For example, standard agency format, regulatory disclaimers or industry guidelines.

6. Is supplemental material needed? For example, research files, correspondence or reports

7. Who is the responsible contact for the project? What is the method of contact, for example, telephone, e-mail or fax. Be sure to keep records of all communications; date, nature or purpose of the contact.

8. Are there any special layout or format considerations? For example, should the document resemble the original or be translated page for page.

9. Are tables and image graphics within the material to be translated? For example, flowcharts, statistical graphs or mathematical equations.

10. Do any of the components of the translation use non-word processing software? For example, a Multimedia presentation that uses Flash software.

11. What format will the translation material be provided? For example, paper files, diskette or electronic file.

12. Is the source text and reference material, to be returned to the client?

13. Is it necessary for the translation to be certified? For example, official documents for industry or government filings.

14. What method of payment will be used for the translation services? For example, bank transfer, cheque, credit card or bank cheque.

15. Are there any fees required to be paid because of foreign currency? For example, currency conversion fees.

16. Will the copyright to be retained or transferred? For example, by permission, assignment or license.

17. If the copyright is to be transferred, what are the conditions?

18. Are there any special confidentiality restrictions to be noted in the translation?

19. Is there any possible liability consequence that the translator should be aware? For example, electronic transmission or printing of documentation.

20. In the case of possible liability, will it exceed the limits of normal insurance coverage?

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