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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spanish - one language Multiple variations


English to Spanish Translations

The number of English-to-Spanish translations has increased because the reach of business has become more global. The enormous market potential of 417 million people in 43 countries beside Spain is the main reason for the increase in this sector of the translation business.

At the top of the list of countries where English to Spanish translations are targeted, are Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain and the United States. According to a 1990 census, 8.9 percent of the U.S. population declared Spanish as their mother tongue.

As a freelance translator there are many opportunities to market your services to companies seeking to reach this important market. This includes advertising copy, product information, service documentation an Internet web sites.

As with many other languages, Spanish has a large number of dialects. For the freelance translator it is important to know which segment of the Spanish market will use the translation. There is a vast difference between how Spanish is spoken in Latin America and in Spain.

This is particularly important in writing, for example the Spanish word “coger” means “to take” however the same word used in Argentina has the meaning of “to have intercourse.” This illustrates why pinpointing which country the translated document will be used for and acquainting yourself with the many dialects of Spanish speaking countries is not only useful but can also increase your earning power tremendously.

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