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Sunday, March 04, 2012

8 Best Business Practices for performing translation


Now that we have looked at the basics of how a translation job is procured, managed and delivered, we will look at some of the important points to help you perform the translation accurately. This includes tips, tools, techniques and resources required for the actual process and challenges of translating specific languages.

Best Business Practices

Building a professional reputation as a freelance translator starts by applying best business practices. Here are a few tips that will help you build credibility and a steady stream of clients:

  1. Ask each client for specific reference or technical glossaries to maintain a consistent use of terminology.
  2.  Request written instructions for each project along with a purchase order and review the instructions with the client and make sure that you clearly understand what the job entails before beginning the project.
  3.  If you need to increase your rates because of a change in the parameters of the project, inform your client in writing as soon as possible. Be sure that the increase is warranted.
  4.  Remember that clients and authors can make mistakes and be alert to the possibility of the problem. Be proactive in your approach to problem solving; if you discover pages are missing from the source text, make the client aware of the situation. They will appreciate your diligence because it saves them time and money.
  5.  Protect your client’s privacy to make sure that you keep the details of your client’s business confidential. If you are working for an agency never approached the agency’s client directly
  6.  Invest in the best equipment you can afford; seek professional advice for your particular situation in terms of the hardware, software, networking and printing equipment.
  7.  Be actively involved with the translation industry and keep current with the new developments in software, techniques and regulatory procedures that affect your business.
  8.  Keep your skills sharp by that tending as many professional development courses as possible.

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