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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Why job offers are so low on oDesk, freelancer.com, scriptlance and other portals?

It's a mystry to me.

Who are those translators who work for jobs in these portals at 15,000 words for $150?

I see many translators gladly quoting for jobs in these portals for very very very low rates.

Who are the people who buy translation at such low rates? What do they do with such translations? Where are they used? Do they not care about about quality or standard?

Someone said the reason why these job offers are so low on such portals  is simply the fact that the buyers have absolutely no understanding and/or respect for the translation market. They consider translators as mere secretaries who type their text, not much brain work involved, and who don't need to be skilled - after all, you only need a dictionary to be a translator, right?!

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