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Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Before you read the post which brought you here let me give a brief account of what this blog is all about. This Blog is about Freelance Translation and is primarily for Beginners . It is useful for experienced translators also. I have started writing this blog from 2006 December and as on date there are about 300 posts here.

There are many blogs by translators in the net. Blog writing  is one sure way of making your presence feel in the internet.

My blog answers question which often come to translator's minds. Like, how to do better BUSINESS , how to maintain Account , how to handle Clients , h Agencies take Advantage of internet,  how to get resources from Article Directory , how to avoid Common mistakes,  how to Count words and charge and how others are Charging like chinese translation rates. etc.

Know about Advertising , a sure way to Achieve success in getting big jobs with Better Rates and  rates for Consecutive interpreting. Does your Country of residence affect your rates? Are Databases useful? Is it worth to become member of some associations like ATA etc.

These and many other subjects are handled throughout this blog.

So read and bookmark and come back again for new posts. Do not forget to post comments.

 There is a list of  great books recommended  for translators.

So, enjoy translaing and earning money! Take care of your translation business.
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