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Friday, December 31, 2010

The mystery behind Google doodle and code GMMXLE

The mystery behind Google doodle and code GMMXLE

In the new year Google has come up with a brainteaser that makes you wonder what the secret code could be.

Check the google site and see the new image

The real deal behind the mysterious google doodle is this: The image consists of 'GMMXLE', an apparent code. But the image is 'googles' way of ushering in the New Year. The code is 2011 written in roman characters with a G and E at the beginning and the end, to add to the confusion. Only the middle four letters are altered with the roman characters.

There are also fireworks in the background of the logo to welcome the New Year.

This time, the google doodle has evoked a lot of interest with their queer way of representing the New Year. Nevertheless, it has garnered enough attention to set social networks and twitter breaking out into a guessing game. Everyone went crazy guessing what GMMXLE meant.

The google doodle is an experiment of Google to play with their official logo

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Unknown said...

Maybe you should correct the statement "Everyone went crazy guessing what GMMXLE meant" to "Most non-Europeans went crazy guessing what GMMXIE meant" because for those like me living in Europe it was pretty obvious what MMXI stood for - we learn the Roman numbering system at school. :-)
By the way, the last character is an I, for 1, and not an L, which means 50 - MMXL means 2040.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

thankyou for the info. it was really nice of you to explain that! and yes, i seriously went crazy! lol :)