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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Agency wants to expand it's database

How many times I have received emails with this subject during the last 12 years of my active participation in Internet.

They ask you to fill their database, send updated CV, sign NDA, scan and email them. Often they ask references.

And quite often they ask you to do sample texts.

Some agencies do it every year. Some other do it occasionally.

Some of these companies are big, well established and have good presence in the Internet.

I get angry when I receive mails from people who are just stating their business and are yet to make a website and do not have a paid email id. They want my data.

Often they  would not give their full contact details but would ask you to provide all the information.

Even PROZ is used to send such emails.

Initially I used to religiously comply all their request even keeping aside that urgent work in hand  in hope that I shall have a new client.

But, most of them never responded to my mails.
And then, one day I stopped being included in their databases.
I do not send any signed NDA any more unless I know the company to be a serious one.

I still get jobs from agencies with whom I have developed good working relations.

What do you do? Share your thoughts here.


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