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Friday, December 03, 2010

I choose per word rate for translation

If I am asked to choose between per word rate and hourly rate for translation I would choose per word rate.

This is because me and my client knows upfront how much the translation will cost.

This also motivates  to use tools and expertise to translate more and increase efficiency. Not at the cost of quality though.

The other day a client insisted for hourly rate. I insisted for per word rate.

There is an opinion that by per word rate the translator gains while houly rates are benefcial for clients.

Whatever may be true, one thing is clear, in per word rate - the final cost is known to both the parties and it is fair.

In hourly rates I may take 2 hours to translate 1000 words while the client can insist that the time taken is too much and it could be done in one hour. Who is right?

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