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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Fix your Editing rate

After the text is translated and sent to client,the translation is sent to another translator who critically studies the translation and make  correction for errors and if needed, make improvement of style.

 While doing so he also compares the original translation with  the source text and makes  changes necessary for improving  the translation.

Often the edited translation is set to the original(first)  translator may receive  to approve or reject the editor’s changes.

Regrding rates:There is no realistic formula for rates.

With really good texts one can do editing with source/target comparisons at about 1/3 of his average translation speed. So the rate could be 1/3  of  your translation rate.

 However, one may charge by the hour, because long texts often have complex structurs.
Now it is considered that one can edit about 2500-3000 words/hour, so base your edting rate on that.

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