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Monday, November 22, 2010

7 ways to fix rates for urgent and weekend work

7 ways to fix rates for urgent and weekend work

Translators worldwide charge differently for urgent/weekend translation jobs.

1. Some translators do not charge more and work for the usual price.

2. For new clients, some translators increase their rates.

3. Sometimes it depends on the day of the week. If a client specifically asks to translate a fairly large document between Friday late afternoon and Monday early morning, some charge a rush rate.

4. Some do not like working on weekends, therefore they intentionally charge higher rates to discourage clients.

5. Some freelancers take leave on days other than weekends and hence for them weekends are no different and hence they charge the same.

6. Some charge a higher rate for anything that forces them to work outside office hours.

7. Some are very flexible with clients who give them steady, high volume work and do not charge more.

Some clients tend to call everything urgent, so one has to be careful.

There is also a view point that whether it is urgent /weekend or not, translator has to take the job or refuse.

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