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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tracking and testing - important methods to achieve success in marketing

You are Marketing your service. Through various media. Website, emails, visiting cards, articles.

You need to measure your success.
What works and what not.

You can do that by tracking and testing.

There should be some base statistics by which you will measure your marketing success.

If you get clients through your  website, use  tools to track visitors and where they come from.

There are many tools. Google analytics, stat counter or any tracking softwares which are free can be used.

Ask your client where they got your information.

Based on success, change your marketing methods. And test what works.
Tracking and testing - important methods to achieve success.

Track your marketing! Tell your employees, anyone answering the phone, your sales force, always ask “how did you hear about us?” – 80% of your marketing is going to waste. You need to find out what is the 20% that is working.

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