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Friday, September 10, 2010

Do we need a business plan?

First, the short answer.
Yes, we need.
We need a business plan.

I know many translators have never thought anything about writing a business plan. They think only business people need a plan. We are not doing any business then why do we need any such plan.

But who said you are not doing any business?

Translation is a service and you are providing a service. You search for clients. You offer a quotation. You negotiate  rate per word or hour. Then , you are awraded a job. You receive a purchase order, you execute the job and deliver before deadline, issue an invoice and then receive payment. These all steps are part of a business. But business is more  than just  these steps..

Since sevice providers are selling their services whether they know it or agree they are business people.

Like all business people, sooner they understand and act accordingly better for their business.

And hence they need to have plan for their business.

The question is what this plan should consist of ?

About that read in my next post.
Till then,