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Sunday, May 06, 2012



Translation memory tools to usually consist of a suite of integrated software packages that offer different features; some of the best known are Déjà vu by Atril, Trados by Translator’s Workbench and Star by Transit. Some of the features offered by these programs are:

• Alignment

The alignment feature allows you to develop a data base from your existing translation files. However each of the software manufacturers has implemented the alignment feature differently in terms of the amount of automation they provide. In addition the alignment feature is not incorporated in each of these programs; some are available as additional modules to the main program.

• Database maintenance

This feature gives you the ability to make changes to your data base as required.

• Terminology program

Electronic glossaries are essential freelance translator tools and the software programs offer you the ability to import your personal glossary as well as other dictionary files. Several of the to terminology programs of the memory translation tools can be highly advanced providing fuzzy matching algorithms that are able to search for the root of a word, in the case where the words that you need is not in the dictionary. This feature is more useful to for the beginning freelance translator then the seasoned professional.

• Document Editor

For the process of performing the translation the document editor works in the form of two main parallel windows, with the source text on one side and the target text on the other, with an additional window to show specific portions from the translation memory, showing the success percentage of the translation matches for example, 100 percent means that the system has located the specified sentence in the database which then you can import directly into your translated document.

In addition matches will be shown from the software program’s terminology reference. As a word processor the document editor of most translation memory tools do not offer advanced features however there are some that were directly with Microsoft word.

• Filters

The filters provided in memory translation software are responsible for file conversion and destination assignment. You can choose to convert a file from one format to another and then imported directly to the document editor, to the online and program for export them in their original format.

Before buying a package, you need to carefully consider what you need from these four basic components of any system. Here are a few tips for you to use in selecting a memory translation tool:

1. Choose the right size data base, searches will take less time and return errors

2. Make sure your computer has enough RAM to support all of the features

3. Be prepared to spend time learning how the memory translation tool operates

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