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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Organizing a Freelance Translation Office


Organizing a Freelance Translation Office

Translation work requires mental concentration, physical stamina and emotional balance in addition to your language skills, computer hardware and software. Each person has a particular work style and organizing your workspace in harmony with this can help you be more productive. Let’s look at some concepts that can help you work better.


The location where you work in your home needs to be quiet to facilitate concentration. It also needs to be another location that supports year issue level. Organizing your home office near the front of your home is beneficial to receiving clients and conducting business as well as exposing your workspace to positive energy. Air currents are more active n the main level and toward the front of the house than lower levels and the rear of the house.

You should position your desk so that you can clearly see the entrance to the room. This way you can be aware of your general environment and psychologically at ease. If you sit with your back toward the door you are vulnerable because you do not know who may be approaching.

Ideally very best should be positioned diagonally across from the door to your office, however if this is not possible place a small convicts mirror in the corner of your computer monitor to see behind you. In addition it is a good idea to have a wall behind your chair instead of a window.

Make sure you are comfortable with your computer equipment, you can customize your equipment to suit your work style. To avoid physical strain use a computer desk and chair that is ergonomically design with a curved shape that benefits energy flow to your hands and fingers. Purchase a good lamp and take care to protect your eyes from computer monitor glare.

In addition to your computer equipment you will need to provide storage for files, papers and reference books. To be sure to invest in the gadgets to organize your diskettes, CDs, computer cords and wires. Maintaining a clutter free workspace is essential to productivity.

Taking frequent breaks from computer work is important for your mental capability and your physical performance as well. And if your computer is in your bedroom, place a divider around the area or cover the computer when you go to sleep.

Plants in your office can be inspiring symbols of creativity and life plus they absorb toxins in the air.

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