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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Translation, Technology and the Internet

Translation, Technology and the Internet

The Internet is a valuable tool for freelance translators and the perfect medium for the underlying message of translation; this is a global marketplace where virtually every language is represented. How can you use the technology and the Internet to gain profit for your translation business?

Beyond the fact that the Internet has made the process of locating a translator much easier than ten years ago is one of the most outstanding. Translators from all over the world can make contact and network; exchanging ideas, news and referrals for assignments.

The Internet opens the door for world wide competition for clients as well. No longer can a translator make claims based on availability, especially with the number of translation agencies growing to cope with the increasing ranks of budding translators.

Translators using the Internet can avoid the impact of those who seek to limit entry into the profession to a small number of “legally qualified” persons; this “closed shop” strategy does little more than increase prices by restraining competition, as was done in medieval times in regards to the various craft guilds.

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