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Sunday, January 15, 2012

8 points to remember when sending your resume

8 points to remember when sending your resume


 Although it was stated many a times , it bears worth repeating that the quality résumés, curriculum vitas, letters or applications that you send to an agency should be formatted appropriately.
  1.  Proofread Please: Translation skills encompass the ability to compose text correctly. Make sure that all of your sentences begin with a capital letter and are free from typographical errors.
  2.  State Your Languages: The language pair that you work with should be mentioned in the subject/ first paragraphs.
  3.  Build Credibility: Avoid making unrealistic claims in regards to your translations skills, many of the individuals that work with agencies are translators themselves.
  4.  Respect Your Reader: Avoid using all capital letters in your message; this is the written equivalent of shouting at a person verbally.
  5.  Respect Yourself: Advertising your translation skills as “cheap labor” demeans the translation profession.
  6.  Yen, Dollars or Euros: Quote your rates in the currency format that is appropriate for the language you are using.
  7.  Set Realistic Goals: A translator making the claim of completing more than 15,000 words in 24 hours sends the message that quality is unimportant.
  8.  Know Who You Are Writing: Make sure that you research the basic facts about who you are writing. You cannot send the same letter to a freelancer as you would a large translator agency.

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