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Sunday, November 13, 2011



You have completed your translation assignment and now it is ready to be delivered. If you are fortunate enough to have clients within your area, you could deliver the assignment personally. But outside of this scenario, you need to clarify with the client how they want their work delivered. The terms of delivery can change due to external factors, i.e., a labor strike, technology failure or natural disaster or as a result of a request by client.

If you are sending a file via the Internet to a client, ask them to specify a distinctive file name to ensure that the document is recognized immediately and make sure that you use the proper document file extension, such as “.doc” or “.txt.” This is very important now that many email clients have filters that may delete a file that is named too generically.

You should include your invoice along with the assignment. Many agencies have a standard invoice form, but if they do not, ask them for the required information to create your own. Be sure your full name, the date of the invoice, address, telephone number, fax number and your company name if applicable.

A full description of the assignment, along with the details of the amount invoiced should also be included, i.e. the exact word count, word rate or project fee. It is a good idea to get a signed receipt for the delivery of the assignment and invoice to the company and keep a copy for your records as well.

Taking extra care to delivery your assignments on time or even better ahead of schedule is guaranteed to make an excellent impression on an individual client or an agency because translators are notoriously late. A good rule of thumb is to schedule the job delivery a day earlier to allow for the inevitable last-minute problems that arise.

When you have organized yourself to make the delivery, notify the client or agency that the file is on its way. Remember to thank them for the work, verbally and in writing when you send the file and include any vital information they may need in regard to the translation. These few extra steps can make the difference; it reduces anxiety and increases the possibility of being chosen for a future assignment.

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