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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Building Your Professional Network

Building Your Professional Network

No professional can operate successfully in a business void. It is just as important for you to network and communicate with other translators and their abilities so that you are in a position to recommend them to the agency when you are unable to accept an assignment. Referrals of good translators are highly valued by agencies, because it saves them time and will add another feather in your professional cap.

This builds goodwill with other translators and many will reciprocate, however if you find that they do not have this perspective, respect that and apply your energies where they are appreciated. Remember one hand washes the other in every business.

Being active and involved in the industry will help you to stay informed about the trends that play a role in your profession; machine translation systems, law and taxation issues are constantly changing and new agencies are opening all the time. All of these factors impact your work and the amount of income you are able to generate for yourself.

Of course, there are many translators that take the position that it is not important to pay attention to these types of activities; that regardless of what you do, it doesn’t make a difference. This pessimistic perspective is one way to determine the fate of your business. However dealing with the realities of business in most cases proves to be the more profitable route, because by and large, agencies prefer to work with translators who are responsible professionals and they judge professionalism by the manner you present yourself.

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