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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Graduating from Freelancer to Agency?

Everybody wants to take their position to a higher level. Freelance translators are no exception.
Some are comfortable working with agencies or direct client as a freelancer. Some gather experience and business acumen and one day start their agency.

There are issues to handle. One is - agency as a middleman. Collect translation from the translator and without even glancing at it pass on to the client. Collect cheque and distribute to translators. Though not all are like them. Some add value to the jobs.

Steve Vitek writes an interesting post on this subject in "Patenttranslator's Blog"

He writes "I Am Becoming A Translation Agency and I Don’t Like It One Bit"

He writes:

"..........When Jesus overturned the tables of money changers and drove them out of the temple (Matthew 21:12), if that is what really happened, I wonder whether one of these moneychangers thought to himself, perhaps for the first time in his miserable, greed-filled, money changing life:”This dude may be actually right. I need to find a different job for myself. I have to try to find a job that is useful and creates something positive, not just changing money to make a killing.

Sometime, when I am done proofreading, creating invoices for the customer and calculating my profit, I feel what that money changer picking up his change from the ground in front of the temple from which he was chased by angry Jesus might have felt some two thousand years ago.
I never feel that way when I have actually done the work myself."

You can read the whole post here:

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