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Friday, June 17, 2011

Updates on social media and recruitment

1.There are now more social-networking accounts than there are people in the world.

 2. Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia are world's most popular brands online

3. The world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites, i.e   22 per cent of all time online or one in every four and half minutes.

4. Over 83 per cent of the companies  say they either use or plan to use social media.

 5. Popular  social media/networking sites today are Face book, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, MySpace), blogs, podcasts (Podcast Alley, iTunes), video sharing sites (YouTube, Ted, FlickR).

5.Back-channel referencing by Recruiters through social networking sites like Linked-in, Facebook, blogs etc.

6. Companies look for aspects such as indecent comments, pictures or posts, falsification of qualification or job history details, use of drugs or substance-abuse, racial comments or abuse by candidates etc.

7. Some  companies have made online screening a formal requirement of the hiring process.

8. Company-social networking platforms have helped engage employees better and reduce attrition.

Source: HINDU BUSINESS LINE The use of social media in HR processes:::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::  News & Views TODAY   (10th  JUNE  2011)

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