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Monday, January 10, 2011

11 reasons why translators use Twitter

You can use Twitter to get the following avantages

1. Here you decide who you want to follow

2. Youcan use it to interact with fellow translators.

3. You canbuild  a network with fellow translators.

4. Exchange ideas in real time.

5. keep yourself updated on new trends.

6.You can use Twitter as a  marketing instrument with carefully selected hashtags in your tweets. Tweets are searchable on Google and other search machines. Quite a few translators have already set up defined lists of their followers, depending on their focus, which means that you can have one list for tweets from translators & linguists, one for art lovers, one for business news and so on.

7.You can  find fellow translators by searching  for tweets with hashtags #xl8, #translation or #languages which will lead you directly to languages-related tweets.
8. There are some very healthy networks of language professionals exchanging news and their take on issues affecting the translation industry

9. Can use it for reading opinions or getting real-time information on certain topics

10. You can synchronise twitter with FB - cost efficient and very productive tools.
11. Twitter can  enhance your online visibility. Google picks up very first.

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