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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

English to Spanish Translation rates

There are many websites who offer their services for translation from English into Spanish.

Here is a typical rate of a Spanish native freelance translator based in USA.
Here is how the translator explains his rates.

 This translator for most projects  charge $40.00 per hour (in U.S. Dollars).

THis time includes researching references like printed dictionaries, connecting to the Internet, consulting with colleagues, calling the library, etc. He says its typical rate and it varies depending upon his clients.
Since he charges by the hour, he  cannot predict accurately the eventual cost of a document. However, in order to give potential clients the opportunity to make an informed decision, he usually presents a two estimates of final charges- a minimum charge and also a maximum charge.

According to him  one page (~400 words) of an informal document, takes  approximately one hour to translate (yielding a cost of $40 per page of about 400 words).

Generally speaking, the final charge comes to somewhere between $0.10 and $0.14 per word in the "target" language .

Notarization requires additional time and procedures that include printing a hard copy, traveling to a Notary Public to have it notarized, then mailing the document at the Post Office. He  charges an additional $30.00 for the first notarized document and $10.00 each for any other ones in the same project

The translator also says that Spanish uses up to 20% more words than English.

There could be other rates for Spanish translators residing in other countries.
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