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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ten dirty secrets of Translation Industry

There is an interesting article published in the net. This is named as
L10N Reality Check: Industry Insider Shines Light On The Dirty Little Secrets Of The Translation And Localization Industry That You Won’t Learn At A Webinar written by a“masked localization insider”.

He describes himself as a “salt mine worker” who has been burrowed in the translation industry for over 10 years. He doesn’t speak at conferences or write blogs; as he puts it, “I just do my job.” He attests to having worn a lot of hats, from sales, production, even engineering, for several domestic and European translation agencies. Since he likes his job, he is keeping his identity secret to avoid reprisals from outraged localization vendors, (especially the British and the Chinese).

Read here : http://thecontentwrangler.com/2010/05/03/l10n-reality-check-industry-insider-shines-light-on-the-dirty-little-secrets-of-the-translation-and-localization-industry-that-you-wont-learn-at-a-webinar/#ixzz0nmolZ6KQ

Read more: http://thecontentwrangler.com/2010/05/03/l10n-reality-check-industry-insider-shines-light-on-the-dirty-little-secrets-of-the-translation-and-localization-industry-that-you-wont-learn-at-a-webinar/#ixzz0nmnqCHFr

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