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Friday, December 11, 2009

Rates for Translating Birth Certificates

Translating birth certficates can be different than usual document translation.

Documents like birth certificates, passports, diplomas, transcripts generally contain  tables or fields of text arranged across the page.

Never charge per word.

Never accept any job if you are not sure about the illegible texts.

Alwys  get the source document  for content and technical evaluation  before you provide a quote.

Considere these factors before you quote.

1.  Legibility of the document text and entries, poor copy, pdf/scanned
2.How full is the page,, does the document have many lines of text or only a few sections for entries?
3. Some birth certficates can be multipaged items because they must include detailed family data about the newborn's parents, their occupations, residences, nationalities, etc.
4. Does the customer want you to replicate any special layouts, arrangements or formats that appear in the source document, or just "straight text" translations?
5. How soon does the customer want the translated product delivered?
6. If the customer wants delivery via 'rush'/courier delivery service, include those charges to your invoice.
7. Notarization or certification charges.

Establish a minimum/base rate for a certificate that is half-page item, one-page item, and multiple-paged item.

Don't start work until you have ajob order.

Many translators  usually charge about $35 - $50 for a birth certificate translation.