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Thursday, December 03, 2009

How much to charge(Rate) for translating slogans and catchlines

Many of us do not know what is the rate to ask for  slogans in translation.

Many charge by the slogan or catchline. A flat rate for slogans - equivalent to a couple of hours' work.
Because they  give a selection of alternative options and the pros and cons of each one.

Some clients pay  pay  equivalent of a page of translation (250 words) per slogan. In some cases only one slogan would fit (They may provide photos to give an idea of the campaign), but in other cases you can  give them 3 or 4 slogans considering  several ideas. Then the company may pick what they liked best.It is  easier and faster to translate 250 words than it is to come up with a catchy slogan. So take what ever your regular rate is for a page apply it to each slogan.

But some  charge by the hour whenever research is necessary.

Some charge per word basis at higher rates. But it is better if you  negociate a lumpsum and not be content with word rate.

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adda said...

Translating slogans is not a translation. It is a transcreation (at least that's how they see it on www.Tomedes.com where I've translated mine)