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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worldwide List of Top, Qualified and Experienced Freelance Translators

Dear Translator,
After I have published a post named "List of translation agencies" many readers have written to me asking why not publish a list of experienced freelance translators. So I plan to compile a list of freelance translators post it as a sticky and keep updating it. If you are interested please send me your name, language pair, email or website and a catchy tagline.
You can write to me through comments or get my email id by clicking "Contact" in the headline of the blog.



bonnjill said...

That's what FIT, the ATA, BDÜ and all the other national and local professional organizations (and even some sites like ProZ, Translatorscafe, and Aquarius) are for. I certainly hope no one hires a translator because their name is on a list online. At least at the translation portals every translator can feature their bona fides on their own portal web page. This is *not* a good idea, Ostom.