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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ten tips to keep your clients for more jobs.

This article is taken from Internet http://www.costsavingdeal.com/2009/career/for-freelance-translators-how-to-make-your-clients-use-your-translation-services-again-and-again/

1. Meet each deadline. If we can’t consistently encounter deadlines, you’re not befitting to being a freelance translator. Remember which your clients have deadlines too, as well as have been infrequently watchful for your work as partial of a incomparable project. As a single gifted translator comments, “8:00 equates to 7:50, not 8:10.”
2. Be easy to reach. Put your hit report in your email signature file, so which a customer never has to demeanour up your phone or fax number. Realize which most times, if clients cannot strech we immediately, they will hit an additional translator. Since over 90% of contacts from clients will be by e-mail, put an auto-responder upon your e-mail if we will be out of a bureau for even a couple of hours.
3. Follow directions. While it can be time-consuming to follow most conflicting clients’ sold ways of we do things, we will save a customer time as well as money, as well as to illustrate get some-more work from them, by following their instructions to a letter. If a customer asks we to put your initials in a record name, do it. If a customer asks we to put a word “Invoice” in a theme line of a e-mail containing your invoice, do it.
4. Don’t rubbish your clients’ time. It’s acceptable, as well as even speedy to ask questions when we need to explain something. However, it’s additionally critical to uncover apply oneself for your clients’ time, as well as for a actuality which yours is substantially not a usually plan they have been handling. Keep your e-mails reduced as well as to a point, as well as have your questions transparent as well as easy to answer.
5. Provide referrals. Many translators be concerned which upon condition which referrals to alternative translators in a same denunciation multiple will lead to reduction work for themselves, though in actuality a conflicting seems to be true. Clients similar to to work with freelancers who compromise a clients’ problems, as well as when you’re as well bustling as well as can’t hoop their work or have been starting upon vacation, it’s a complaint for them. Have a names of dual or 3 translators in your denunciation multiple who we unequivocally trust, as well as yield these names to your clients when we aren’t accessible for work.
6. Be easy to work with. This isn’t to contend which we should be a pushover or let clients take value of you, though for your unchanging clients, it’s value putting in a small additional effort. Thank them for giving we their business; be accessible as well as respectful if a remuneration is suddenly late; fill in for them in a splash when an additional translator lets them down.
7. Ask for helpful criticism. It’s critical to see feedback as partial of your peculiarity declaration process, not as an conflict upon your abilities as a translator. If a customer asks for changes in your translation, have them kindly as well as immediately; if we confirm after which a changes have been nonessential as well as we do not wish to work for a customer again, it’s an additional matter. With your unchanging as well as devoted clients, intermittently ask what we can do to improved encounter their needs, afterwards exercise these changes.
8. Appreciate your clients. Your unchanging clients have been a people who have it probable for we to consequence a full of health income whilst vital a stretchable as well as self-directed freelance lifestyle. A tiny present during a finish of a year is regularly appreciated when a customer has since we unchanging work.
9. Don’t bicker. If a impending customer offers we a plan during a ridiculously low rate, kindly decrease it, presumably promulgation them a duplicate of your customary rate piece if we have one. Don’t insult them for charity such low compensate or have disastrous comments about their business; only cordially decrease to work for them as well as let them pierce upon to someone else.
10. Charge what you’re worth, as well as consequence it. There will regularly be an additional translator out there who is peaceful to work for a single cent per word reduction than we are, so do not contest upon cost alone. Giving your clients a small some-more bid than required proves to them which often, they get a turn of use they compensate for.
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Anke Betz said...

Good tips, but somewhat hard to read since the English is a bit, um, shall we say, mangled... Maybe you could "clean it up" for readability's sake?
Thanks for the good post, though!