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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

6 Tips on Taking Mega Projects

Few Pointers on Taking Mega Projects

Many of you might have faced the dilemma of being asked to give a quote for a substantially huge project like translating an entire book but when you offered your services at your regular rates, you might have been rejected for the work. This might have made you wonder whether you should quote for a bigger project at a lesser price than your normal rate.

While working out a deal, it should be done such that it is at an advantage to you and not vice versa. For this to happen, you need to remember a few points enlisted here while considering a large project:

1. First and foremost you need to remember that a huge project is not necessarily a big advantage to you. Even though it may look like a lifetime opportunity, you need to look at the project carefully before you give the go ahead.
2. If the future project has a very tight deadline, it may affect the other jobs that you may be currently handling as you would not be able to give time for them. So accept the deal at lower rates only if the deadline will enable you to accomplish other jobs to make up for the losses.
3. See if you can work some other factors in your favor that will justify the reduction of rates. Many book translations will allow the mention of your name as the person handling the job. This may work to your advantage while searching for other offers.
4. Try to check if this current offer can lead up to other projects such as these. If so, then it may do some help sacrificing a little to gain more in the long run.
5. Do not compromise your position with the other clients that you are working for in order to complete this new offer. This could a one-time affair and you may be left with no work once it is completed.
6. Showing the ability to handle a big project might be a self-advertising tool to help you land up new projects of that magnitude. Think in these terms too before deciding.

Working on a huge project is definitely a dream come true for many of us. But, what needs to be remembered is that “All that glitters is not gold”.