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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mega List of Translation Agencies Worldwide

@ International Services Customized translation, foreign screen text/HTML, voices recorded in 23 countries for CD-ROMs, video, web sites, commercials, documentaries, telephone.www.internationalservices.com
1 Source Translations Translation and DTP services for English, Russian, and Ukrainian.www.1sourcetranslations.com
101 Business Translation International network of translators specializing in finance, law, and corporate communication in the European languages.www.101businesstranslation.com
101Translations Internet-based agency offers translation services from and into most world languages. Online quotes available.www.101translations.com
A Good Translator Technical, scientific, legal, financial, commercial, and web site translation services.www.a-good-translator.com
A@A Translations Offering commercial, technical, legal, scientific, and general translations.www.aatranslations.com
A+ Pavoloni International Offers professional and diversified language translation services to large and small sized businesses, as well as government agencies.www.pavoloniinternational.com
AAA Translators, Inc. Translates in over 150 languages and dialects.www.translators.com
Aaarapid.com Offers express translation of documents, proofreading of any text, and translation of web pages.www.aaarapid.com
Aardvark Translation Services Translation, web localization, editing, copywriting, and proofreading services in a variety of language pairs, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.www.aardtrans.com
ABC Worldwide Language Services Offers professional translators, multilingual desktop publishers, voice talents, writers, and transcribers.www.wordexpress.net
ABCTranslate.com Provides web site localisation and scientific, technical, and legal texts translation services.www.abctranslate.com
ABGlobal Translations Offers services in all languages for business, technology, law, and medicine.www.abglobal.net
Abracadabra Translations, Inc. Offers translations for businesses and the media including commercial letters, publications, voiceovers, and more.www.abracadabratr.com
Accent On Languages Technical and business translators and interpreters.www.accentonlanguages.com
Accentos Web Design and Translations Technical, legal, and advertising translations in several languages.www.omniport.net/accentos
Accents Language Services Translation services and international project management.www.iol.ie/~accents
Accura Translations Offers translation and interpreting services in a range of languages. Also provides Web localization and desktop publishing.www.accuratranslations.co.uk
ACTC Translation Centre Singapore-based translation company providing translation, interpretation, transcription, website, and software localization services in a variety of Asian and European languages for various fields.www.actc.com.sg
Action Translation Services, Inc. Also provides proofreaders, editors, and typesetters.www.ActionTranslations.com
Active Language Center Multilingual language center offering private or group classes in any language and ESL programs for business, academic, or personal purposes as well as translation services.www.englishschool.la
Actual Translators Offers translations and interpretations from English, French, and German into Spanish and Catalan, and vice versa.www.actualtranslators.com
Adams Translation Services Offers general and technical translation and localization services in 32 languages.www.adamstrans.com
Adliteram Specializes in literary, film script, technical, and commercial translations. In English, German, Spanish, and Catalan.www.adliteram.com
Advanced Language Translation Provider of corporate translation services and software localization in over 18 major business languages.www.advancedlanguage.com
AGM Translations Offers a 12 - 24 hour translation service in Spanish, English, and French.www.agmt.com02.com
Agnew Tech-II Provides translation of print, software, video programs, and web sites in all foreign languages.www.agnew.com
Ahmed Slimi, Conference Interpreter Arabic-English-French sworn translator & interpreter accredited to the courts of Morocco.www.angelfire.com/ma/interprete/index.html
AimTrans Specializes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and European languages translation for businesses, including web site localization, desktop publishing, typesetting, and more.www.aimtrans.com
AimTrans, Inc. Specializes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and European languages translation for businesses, including web site localization, desktop publishing, typesetting, and more.www.aimtrans.com
Aliseo Provides translations, interpreting, web page creation or translation in Japanese and Italian.www.aliseo.com
All Global Solutions International: Offers global marketing, design consulting, and language translation, interpretation, and cultural services. Covers Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages and regions.www.allgsi.com
Alpnet Provider of translation, software localization, electronic publishing, and content creation services.www.alpnet.com
ALS International Providing translation services to or from any language, on any subject. Also offering interpretations, DTP, multimedia and localization.www.alsintl.com
Altanero Translations Spanish, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, and Flemish by native speakers.mistsy.home.texas.net/translation.html
Ameraz, LP Offers comprehensive language services including translations, typesetting, editing, and localization.www.ameraz.com
America Translating Services Translates materials of all types, and from/into many languages.www.am-translating.com
American Translation Link Online translation service. Specializes in the major Asian languages.www.american-translation.com
Andelex Language Services Written, telephone, and on-site translation and interpretation services in most major languages.www.telelanguage.com
Anglotrans Offers translations and interpreting for the technical, medical, legal, and financial sectors. Covers all major European languages.www.anglotrans.co.uk
Anthea Offers translation services and language training.www.anthealanguages.com
Any Phototype Foreign language translation, typesetting, prepress, and printing.www.anyphototype.com
Any-Language.com Offers document translation, web site globalization, and software localization.www.any-language.com
Apex Translation, Inc. Providing technical, medical, legal, and general business translations services to businesses and government organizations.www.apex-translations.com
Aplomb Translations Provides translation services for business in major world languageswww.aplombonline.com
Applied Language Solutions Offers translation services in a wide range of languages and projects including web sites, manuals, and legal material. All translators are mother tongue and live in-country.www.appliedlanguage.com
Arena Offers translations into and from Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.www.arenacom.nl
Arenas, Jesus Estévez Spanish court interpreter and translator, with a Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), Madrid, España. Works from English, French, German and Italian into Spanish.www.geocities.com/CollegePark/8634/chusing.htm
Arial Translations Offers Asian language translations and software localization services.www.arialtranslations.com
Arthur International Translation Services include subtitling, teletext, and dictionaries.www.arthurint.com
Asian Language DTP Offers Asian-language business cards and translation services.www.asianlanguagedtp.com
Asian Translation Service Provides translation, interpretation, editing, transcription, and proofreading services in various Asian languages.www.asiantranslation.com
Asian Translations, Inc. Offers interpretation, translation, and cultural sensitivity services.www.asiantranslations.com
ASP Sprachendienst Services include translations, proof-reading, and private language lessons for German, English, Spanish, and Russian.www.aspsprachendienst.ch
Aspena Translation provider specializes in Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, and many other languages.www.aspena.cz
Association of Translation Companies www.atc.org.uk
Asterisks.com Offers editing, proofreading, and translation services. Translations between English, major European languages, and the official South African languages.www.asterisks.com
AT&T Language Line Services Communicate from English into languages anytime, anywhere, with our over-the-phone interpretation service.www.languageline.com
Atlas Language Services Provides interpreting and translating services with offices in Chicago and California.www.AtlasLS.com
Atlas Orient Translators Provides translations in and from Arabic, Dutch, English, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. Also offers layout and desktop publishing of the text. Multilingual site.www.aotranslators.nl
AudioLink Specializes in audio and video services including equipment installation, transcription, translation, and more.www.audiolinks.com
Auerbach International Inc Document and graphic translations Any language and subject. Rapid turnaround.www.auerbach-intl.com
Auracom International Services web sites, documents, and multilingual desk top publishing.www.auratrans.com
AvantPage Offers multilingual DTP and web site translation of Asian, Middle Eastern, and other non-Roman languages.www.avantpage.com
Avid Translation Provides translation services in all languages and fields. Specializes in legal and medical, educational and technical interpretation and document translation, editing, and proofreading.www.avidtrans.net
Axis Translations Translation service provider for all language combinations and document types.www.axistranslations.com
Babel Fish Corporation Provides translation, localization, globalization, language training, and other multilingual services with the benefit of online convenience.www.babelfish.com
Barinas Translation Consultants,Inc. Translation and simultaneous interpretation services for businesses, associations and government agencies.www.barinas.com
Barros & Riegger Associated Translators www.highway.com.br/users/aplbarro/index.htm
BENEXtra Offers translation, interpretation, and localization services, between Asian languages, and between English and European languages.www.benextra.com
BeTranslated Offers website and document translation services for all major European and Asian languages.www.betranslated.com
Better Communications Interpretation and translation company specializing in Asian languages and Spanish.www.bettercomm.com
Betterlanguages.com Offers translation services between English and all major languages. Website includes information about website translation, legal translation, label translation, and translation news.www.betterlanguages.com
Blah Blah Translation Provides global translation and localization services designed to support business translation users.www.blah-blah-translation.com
Boston Language Institute, Inc. www.boslang.com
BulgarianTranslators.com Offers translation from and into Bulgarian language, web page design and translation, and more.www.bulgariantranslators.com
Bureau Translations International translation agency covering several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and more.www.bureautranslations.com
CanTalk Canada Inc. Offering rapid over the phone language interpretation and fax translation.www.cantalk.com
Centre International de Formation et d'Echanges Linguistique (CIFEL) Offers a variety of language and cultural immersion programs which include sports and travel. Also features translation services with online estimates.www.cifel.fr
Certified Languages International Providing telephone interpretation and translation for medical hospitals and clinics, service agencies, banks, insurance companies, and other instituations. Also offers on-site interpreters.www.certifiedlanguages.com
CFEB Translation Provides multilingual translation services, including business, technical, legal, and scientific documentswww.cfeb.com
Chamber Translation Service Offers translations, native language support, interpreting, and business advertising.www.chamber-translation.com
Chanterelle Translation Service Complete range of language services by highly-skilled professionals working exclusively into their mother tonguewww.knowledge.co.uk/pie/xlate.htm
Checkmate Language Services The complete language service: translation into and from all major languages, correction and editing of English texts, and proof-reading.www.zynet.co.uk/checkmate
Click2Translate Professional Translation Services Legal, technical, and website translations into Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages.www.click2translate.com
Cogen GPL Provider of automated translation and electronic publishing services.www.cogen.com
Comprehensive Language Center Provides translators, interpreters, and narrators in several languages.www.comlang.com
Conference Tech Simultaneous interpretation services.www.conftech.com
Connect Language Services Offers professional business translations by native qualified translators from and into Spanish. Also offers translation services in French, German, Italian, and other languages.www.connectls.com
Copper Translation Service Provider of multilingual translation, interpreting, and narration.www.coppertranslation.com
Croatian - German Translation Services Certified court interpreter and translator for German<->Croatian.www.iridis.com/thenc
Croatian Translation Services Translations from and into English, German, Italian. Includes software localization, legal translations, proofreading/editing, and DTP services.www.open.hr/~dpleic/indx-e.html
Crystal Hues Provides translation, typesetting, localization, and language services.www.crystalhues.com
CS Fachuebersetzungen General and technical translations in English, German and Spanish.www.cs-f.de
CTS LanguageLink Translation, interpretation, localization, and multimedia productions with multiple language capabilities.www.ctsll.com
Damoulevitch Svetlana Providing interpretation and translation services for Russian, Italian, German, Ukrainian, English, Belarussian, Polish, Lithuanian, and Serbo-Croatian.www.angelfire.com/ar/recupero
Dialogue Language Services Offers interpreting, fluency testing, cultture, and language training.www.dialangserv.com
Diplomatic Language Services, Inc. Foreign and English language training, management training, e-learning, translation and interpreting services for a wide range of languages.www.dls-inc.com
DTS Language Services Technical translations, software internationalization and localization, web site translations, and desktop publishing in over 50 languages.www.dtstrans.com
Dynamic Language Center Provides language services including translation, localization, interpreting, and desktop publishing.www.dlc-usa.com
e-Translator.net Offers multilingual translation services for commercial, legal, and technical documents.www.e-translator.net
E.F.F. Services Foreign language translation service. English, Dutch, Flemish, French, German, Afrikaans, and other languages.www.effservices.com
Echo International Translation Services Echo International provides comprehensive multi-language translation, software localization, and global consulting solutions.www.echointernational.com
Edfe Language Centre Offering translations and proofreading from/to Italian and most European languages.www.edfe.com
EIC, The Provides simultaneous and consecutive translation/interpretation in Brazil and other countries.www.eic.com.br
eLanguages Multilingual Solutions Offers interpreters for conferences and meetings as well translating services for web sites and manuals into and from most languages, with a focus on Spanish.www.elanguagesinc.com
elionetwork Asian multiLingual localization service provider, specializing in web, software, and technical document translation.www.elionetwork.com
English-Farsi Translation Services Document translation, editing and proofreading services between English, Farsi (Persian), and Dari (Afghani).quickfarsi.com
Esperanto Internet Services, LLC Provides clients, like the Smithsonian, with multilingual HTML programming and quality translation services in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.www.esperanto.com
Essential Interpreters and Translators International Provides translation and training services.www.eiti.com
Euro Translations Provides native translators for more than 15 different languages with experience in the business world.www.eurotranslators.com
Eurolingua Scandinavian, English and Spanish, serving businesses and government agencies.www.eurolingua.dk
EuroNet Language Services Provides translation, interpreting, audiovisual narration, and more. For European languages.www.euronet-languages.com
Eurotranslations Translating to and from all languages in commercial use.www.iol.ie/~cathy
Ewrolingo Provides translation and tutoring services for Welsh, English, and German.www.ewrolingo.co.uk
Excel Translations, Inc. Worldwide translation, interpretation, and software localization services for all languages.www.xltrans.com/index.html
Express Translation Converts texts, manuals, books, scripts, subtitles, and other projects between English and Arabic, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.www.ClickTranslate.com
Foreign Tax Return Translation Service Service that translates corporate and foreign income tax forms into English from at least 22 different countries. Translations of other business and financial statements also available.www.foreigntaxtranslations.com
Foreign Translations Center A full-service translation company providing services in more than 60 languages in various fields.www.ftc-ny.com
ForeignExchange Translations Provides print, software, and web translations for regulated industries including pharmaceuticals, financial services, and telecommunications.www.fxtrans.com
Geonexus Communications Services include intercultural business management training, global organization development, translation and language instruction.www.geonexus.com
Global Accents Offering both foreign language translations and web site design.www.globalaccents.com
Global Equipment Network, Inc Simultaneous interpretation equipment, translators, portable tourguide systems translations and more.www.globalav.com
Global Language Solutions Translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation equipment, HTML, software localization in 50+ world languageswww.globallanguages.com
Global Translation Services Offers language translation of technical, manuals, medical, legal, life sciences, documents, patents, and website. Features translations in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.www.gts-translation.com
Globalprint Direct Provides Asian bilingual business cards and general printing services. Specializes in English to and from Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.www.globalprintdirect.com
Glyph Language Services Seattle based vendor, Glyph Language Services, delivers translation, software localization, internationalization, web globalization, and consulting services to international businesses.www.glyphservices.com
Granacher, Martin Interpreter for conferences and events based in Germany works in German, English, or French.www.granacher.com
Herrmann, Françoise Translation services for French-Spanish documents, specializing in the field of medicine, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical instrumentation.www.fhphd.org
Hitext Multilingual localization services including translation of web sites, software, technical documentation, and marketing brochures.www.hitext.com
i-interpret Full-service interpretation company that offers interpretation services in all major languages.www.iinterpret.com
IA - Interpretes Associados Offers simultaneous and consecutive translation for congresses, conferences, technical seminars, and international events.www.interpretes-associados.com
Ibero-American Productions, Inc. Offers services for all languages for leading corporations in TV, audio/video, publishing, Internet and live media. Also has medical, legal, and technical expertise.www.ibero-american.com
IBIDEM Group Provides translation services from and into Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and more.www.ibidem-translations.com
ICN Language Services Technical, legal, business translations. Software localization. All major languages.icnlang.com
ICON Linguistics, LLC. Provides document translation including transcriptions, technical drawings, web sites, and desktop publishing.www.icllang.com
Idem Translations Fullservice, e-commerce translation and localization company.www.idemtranslations.com
iLanguage Offers document and web site translation as well as software and web localization services.www.ilanguage.com
Inaword Localizes Web sites and software, translates documents, and interprets conferences.www.inaword.net
Inlingua A full service intercultural communications center that provides English and foreign language training.www.inlinguautah.com
Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature, The Services include selection of literary works for translation, representation of Israeli authors, and the general promotion of Hebrew literature.www.ithl.org.il
Interface Business association of language professionals including technical writers, translators, and interpreters who specialize in technical documentation, patents, and software localization.www.unger.com
InterGraphics Multi-Lingual Graphic Services Providing multilingual translation, typography, and graphic services.www.intergraphics.com
Intermark Language Services Specializing in legal translation, in all European languages, for law firms and businesses.www.intermark-languages.com
InterNation, Inc Offers translation, voice-overs, dubbing and subtitles in over 30 languages.www.internationinc.com
International Conference Systems Providers of translation equipment including conference interpreters and microphone systems.www.simultaneousinterpretation.com
International Language Services, Inc. Specialists in international, medical, technical, and business communications and translations.www.ilstranslations.com
International Translators & Interpreters Translate documents from any language to any language; fast reliable service.www.TranslateThis.com
Interpreters and Translators Network of Canada Offers translation and interpretation services in numerous languages.www.itncanada.com
Interpreters-Online Offers interpretation services for real-time online conference calls and meetings.www.interpreters-online.com
Interworld Translations Offers web site, software, DTP, and document translation and localization services into 155 languages.www.iwtservices.com
Intex Translations Offers multilingual translation and interpretation services.www.thetranslationagency.com
Intl.com Offers language and technology solutions including software localization, multilingual Web sites, translation of advertising and marketing communications, and internationalization/DBCE.www.intl.com
ITALATIN Offering online translations and translator services for Italian and Latin.www.italatin.com
ITOC Interpreting services for conferences, seminars, and other corporate events.www.itoc.lu
Ivashchenko, Vladimir Language skills in connection with international business experience.resumes.dice.com/ivavlad
Japan Connections Japanese translator specializing in legal documents, court trials, web sites, and business meetings.www.Judicial-Japanese-Interpreter.com
Jubilee Tech International, Inc. Provides software localization, translation and DTP services for Far East Asian languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, etc.) and European languages.www.jubilee-tech.com
Judy Douglass Translations English/Spanish translation services. Interpreter for individuals or groups. Bilingual educational materials, technical and business documents.home.earthlink.net/~jdouglass
Junction International Professional translation agency providing language translations for over 100 languages along with website globalization, typesetting and DTP, as well as cross cultural consulting services.www.junctioninternational.com
K International Translating Services Offering translation, interpreting, localisation and design services in over 120 languages to all industries.www.k-international.com
Kashat Desktop publishing, translation and technical writing services.www.kashat.co.il
KavanKamp Translations Native-speaking accredited language translators available.www.online-language-translations.co.uk
LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation Provides business translators and interpreters for a wide range of languages.www.latranslate.com
Lan Do & Associates Offers on-site interpretation and document translation for 70+ languages.www.ldatranslation.com
Langua Tutor, Inc. Provides foreign language and ESL training, cross-cultural training, translation and interpretation services, and relocation assistance to many corporations nationwide.www.languatutor.com
Language Bank, Inc., The Document translation and interpretation company with experience in the fields of advertising, promotion, medicine, law, engineering, and general business.www.language-bank.com
Language Genius French and Spanish to English translator, specializing in finance, business, and law.www.bestweb.net/~genius
Language Learning Enterprises, Inc. Foreign language company for business, government and individuals.www.lle-inc.com
Language Professionals Limited Translators, interpreters and consultants in Asian, Polynesian and European languages.www.langpro.co.nz
Language Resources Offers translations, interpreting and classes in many languages, including English as a Second Language, and conducts teacher training for public schools.www.languageresources.com
Language Team Provides translations of texts from and into Swedish, English, French, German, Czech, Spanish, and other languages.www.swedish-english.com
Language Translation Service Providing translators for Spanish, French, German, and other languages. Specializing in technical documents, business and legal documentation, web sites, and software.www.language-translation-service.net
Languages Unlimited Provides nationwide translation and interpretation services in all languages and dialects of the world.www.languagesunlimited.com
LanguageWorks Provides foreign language human translation and page layout services. Also offers localization solutions for web sites.www.languageworks.com
Lazar & Associates Communications agency specializing in translating and interpreting in over 50 languageswww.lazar.com
Lernout & Hauspie Provider of speech and language products, technologies, and services, including speech recognition, text to speech, compression, and translation.www.lhsl.com
Liaison Multilingual Offers translation services for marketing and public relations materials, web sites, and technical documents as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.www.emultilingual.com
LINC Translations performed by experts in whichever language you are interested in.www.link-lang.co.uk
Lingua Graphica, Inc. Provides translation services, desktop publishing, and web localization.www.linguagraphica.com
Lingua International Translations, foreign language training, interpreting services, and more.www.linguaintl.com
LinguaData AGT Offers translation services from various European languages to Serbian.www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/9106
LinguaGraphics, Inc. Offers multilingual desktop publishing and web, software, and Flash localization engineering in any language.www.linguagraphics.com
Linguistic Systems, Inc. Language translation services, including human translation, localization, audiovisual conversions, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, brand name analysis, and post-edited machine translation.www.linguist.com
Link Translations Translation agency providing notarized translation, interpretation, localization, and apostille services in all languages to corporate and individual clients across the U.S.www.link-translations.com
LogoMedia Offers a range of translation services, from web pages to documents, using electronic and human translators.www.logomedia.net
Logos Language Services Technical translation, software localization, desktop publishing, and multilingual dictionaries.www.logos.net
Lucy Brooks Translations Provides a wide range of industrial, commercial, and business translation services in French, Spanish, and German.www.lucybrooks.com
Luna Concepts Full-service multilingual solutions: translation, typesetting, web site localization, and desktop publishing in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, as well as all European languages.www.lunaconcepts.com
M & S Communications Specializing in translation services and foreign language instruction.www.mscomms.com
M2 Limited Translation, localization, internationalization services.www.m2ltd.com
Market Asia Asian translation specalists translating to and from Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English.www.iol.ie/~masia
MasterWord Services, Inc. Language support for international projects.www.masterword.com
MEJ Personal Business Services Translator and interpreter service provider specializes in sign language, video remote, telephone interpreting, translation, and income tax services.www.mejpbs.com
Mondial Translations & Interpreting Provides foreign language translation services using expert native language translators. Projects include web sites, legal documents, manuals, and more.www.foreigntranslations.com
Multi-Languages Corporation Provides translation, interpretation, proofreading, and multicultural services for all major languages.www.multi-languages.com
MultiTech Communications, Inc. Translation services for the insurance, reinsurance, risk management, property loss control, and employee benefits industries in all major commercial languages.www.insurancetranslation.com
NCS Enterprises Offers translation, software localization, desktop publishing, and document processing.www.ncs-pubs.com
Neotext Resources for translations, interpretation, and translators.www.geocities.com/SoHo/Workshop/1478
Net-TranslatorS Offering translation services for commercial and technical needs. Large pool of Hebrew and Arabic translators available.www.net-translators.com
Network Languages Offers multilingual documentation, translation, interpretation, localization, and training.www.networklanguages.com
NetworkOmni Multilingual Services Specializing in translations, localization, field interpreting, and teleinterpretation services.www.networkomni.com
Newcom Language Services Ltd Offers translation, interpretation, typesetting, voiceovers, and design.www.newcomgroup.demon.co.uk
Nihongo Bashi Translation Service Provider of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic language translation and localization services in Singapore for web sites, software, and marketing.www.nihongobashi.com
North Shore Translators Translations and other language services with focus on Russian and Spanish, cultural consulting.users.aol.com/nstirina/mypage.htm
NorthWest Translations Inc. Specializing in translations of technical manuals, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticalswww.nwtranslations.com
Okada & Sellin Translations, llc Expert language services including translation into and out of all major Asian and European languages, interpretation, foreign language DTP.www.ostrans.com
Omega International, Intercultural Business Communications As a full-service translation agency, we handle everything from foreign-language typesetting and graphic design to audiovisual post-production or presentations.www.omegaibc.com
Omni Intercommunications, Inc. Provides turnkey foreign language communications services in print, audio-video, multimedia, and software localization.www.omni-inter.com
OmniLingua Inc Offers a full range of technical services including Translation, Pre-Press and Audio-Visual.www.omnilingua.com
One Stop Shop Translations S.L. Translation vendor offering over 100 languages for documents, software, manuals, and marketing materials.www.onestopshoptranslations.com
Online Tattoo Translations Provides expert translations in Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati and Chinese for tattoos, names, and sentences. Includes testimonials, online chat support and contact details.www.onlinetattootranslations.com
OpenWorld Offers a large pool of highly talented and specialized translators. Providing document, web and software translation, and localization in over 30 languages.www.openworldtranslations.com
Pacific Interpreters Offering over-the-telephone as well as on site interpreter services.www.pacificinterpreters.com
PeMad Offers headhunting and Indonesian, English, Malay, French, and Dutch translation services.www.pemad.or.id
Peritus Precision Translations, Inc. Offers multilingual translation services including web sites.www.peritustranslations.com
Planet Languages Offers multilingual translation services.www.PlanetLanguages.com
Polyglot International Services include translation, localization of software, multimedia, SGML and HTML, and other cultural consulting.www.polyglot.com
PRESTO Offers translation and interpreting services in Eastern European languages.www.presto.cz
Producciones Pino Offers translators, interpreters, protocol attachés, and other language services.www.producciones.com
ProEspa Internacional, Inc. Language training, translation, and proofreading services.proespa.com
Professional Rapid Translation Services 27 languages available, including all major commercial languages. Specialists in pharmaceutical and general medical services, and DTP also available.www.proftrans.co.uk
Professional Translating Services, Inc. Specializes in desktop publishing, video and multimedia productions, and conferences.www.protranslating.com
Promo International, Ltd. Offers multilingual translation and interpretation services.www.promo.sk
ProTranslations Specializing in technical documents, books, manuals, and other large literary works.www.protranslations.com
Rancho Park Publishing Specializing in language translation and typesetting for advertising agencies and their clients.www.ranchopark.com
RealTime Reporters Realtime translation of the spoken word into English for IRC or the web. Also offers closed captioning for live television broadcasts or post production videotapes.www.rtreporters.com
Redoo Translation Services Professional translation services, including literary, website, and medical translations. Reddo provides translation services for English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese, and Turkish.www.reddo.ro
Rewrite Site Services available via email, fax and express mail.www.rewritesite.com
Richard Gray Financial Translations Specialises exclusively in translation work for the financial sector. Translates all main European languages.www.rgft.com
Richard Schneider Enterprises, Inc. Offering interpretation and translation services.www.idioms.com
RJG Translation Services Translation of web sites, business and promotional materials into Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.www.rjgtranslations.com
Rockyfield Consulting and Translation Services Offering translation to and from European and South American Portuguese and Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese by native speakers. Also offers management and marketing support.www.rockyfield.com
RonText Language Services Translations, editing and proofreading for churches, charities, and individuals, for Dutch and English.www.rontext.com
Rosetta Stone Associates, Inc. Offering all major language translations for all fields including medicine, technology, manufacturing, education, and business.www.mv.com/biz/rosetta
Rosetta Translation Translation and multilingual document processing services, with particular expertise in finance and accounting related material across European and Asian languages.www.rosettatranslation.com
Rozenman Translation Services Technical translation and localization services from English and Spanish to Hebrew.www.rozenman.com
Rubric Provider of localization and translation services to global companies.www.rubric.co.uk
Russian and Slavic Language Services, Inc. Provides translation and interpreting in over 200 languages.www.russiantranslation.com
RWS Group Translation Services RWS Group offers translation services and intellectual property information services.www.rws.com
Sally Walker Language Services Offers translation and interpreting services in 70 languages from and into English.www.sallywalker.co.uk
Schreiber Translations, Inc. Offers multilingual translation, interpreting, and DTP services for scientific, technical, legal, and promotional materials.www.schreibernet.com
SDL International Limited Providing products and services to companies who need to translate their products into local language markets.www.sdl.com
SG Graphics Inc. Specializes in multilingual translation and desktop publishing.www.sggraphics.com
SimulTrans, LLC Software localization, translation, multilingual publishing, and typesetting services in all major languageswww.simultrans.com
SinoMetrics International Provider of globalization technology and services.www.sinomet.com
Sitran.com Offers simultaneous translation equipment and range of interpretation services.www.sitran.com
Softran Offers a range of multilingual translation services to a variety of industries.www.softran.ca
Stonebridge Chinese Services Ltd. [SPONSOR] Translation services for a range of languages by native professionals and active lecturers for colleges and universities.www.s-c-s-uk.com
Studyhood Provides translation services, essay writing, editing, and proofreading services for business materials as well as academic papers.www.studyhood.com
Technical Publications Service Services in documentation, translating, and help systems.www.mmjp.or.jp/hcstps
Tele-Talent International Hollywood voice talents for foreign language conversions of your videos and CD-ROMs, plus English language commercials and narrations. www.tele-talent.com
Telelanguage Services World-class telephonic interpretation services. Telelanguage provides cost effective and professional language services performed by trained and certified interpreters.www.telelanguage.com
Text Store, The Produces quality documentation for Israel's export industries: software, hardware, tourism, and the Internet.www.textstore.co.il
Textual Relations Translations from French and Spanish into English, and English editing and proofreading.www.textualrelations.com
tgv24.com Translates from and into English, Italian, French, and German.www.tgv24.com
thebigword Offers language translations, free online translator, localisation services, and recruitment of multilingual staff and interpreters.www.thebigword.com
TheOne Globalization and Language Translations Offers web site and other translation services.www.theoneglobalizationlanguagetranslations.com
Thetranslator.com Offers French to English and Spanish to English translation for marketing, publicity, legal, and financial clients.www.thetranslator.com
Tongue Tied (2) dir.yahoo.com/.../Translation_Services/Tongue_Tied
Trad Online Offers online translation services in a variety of languages.www.tradonline.fr
Tradestar Technical, commercial, and legal translation in all major languages, including those of Eastern Europe and Asia.www.tradestar.net
Tradivarius Translation Agency Tradivarius provides translators specialized in Dutch and French translations. Other language combinations include French, Spanish, German, and Dutch.www.tradivarius.be
Traductores.com.mx Offering English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese translation services.www.traductores.com.mx
Trans-Semantics Translations of legal and technical documents including trademark, transcripts, contracts, scientific journals, and correspondence.www.trans-semantics.com
Transcend Offer services in over 20 languages. Complete prepress service, community review, and more.www.transcend.net
Transindo Indonesian translation specialists provide translation services from and into English, German, and Indonesian.www.bahasa.net/bahasa.html
Translate Express Translations via email between English and French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.www.translatexpress.com
Translate4me Provides translators and interpreters in the U.K. and U.S. Also offers software for interpreting, website translation, and foreign language typesetting.www.translate4me.com
Translated.net Premium human translation service for documents and software with a large range of language combinations.www.translated.net/en
Translateplus.com Specializes in the translation of web sites, documents, manuals, brochures, and more in all languages.www.translateplus.com
Translation Job Club Puts translators in touch with potential clients.members3.boardhost.com/translate
Translation Management Ltd Multilingual project management company providing localisation, translation, desktop publishing, typesetting, and web site services. ISO 9001 certified.www.translationmanagement.co.uk
Translation Services USA Specializing in document, website, and software translations in over 100 languages.www.translation-services-usa.com
Translation-Service.com [SPONSOR] Professional language translation and proofreading services. Specializing in business communications, including marketing material and websites.www.translation-service.com
Translation.net Offers translation software, keyboards, and CD-ROM language dictionaries for Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and more. Also has listing of professional translators.www.translation.net
TranslationZone Directory of translators by language skills and industry expertise.www.translationzone.com
Translator's Home Companion Provides links to resources available on the Internet for translators and interpreters.www.lai.com/companion.html
Translex International Translation, interpretation, desktop publishing and printing services.www.translex-international.com
transline Provides translation and localization of software, technical documentations, and other materials.www.transline.net
Translingua, Inc. Providing services to the public and private sectors with a strong focus on multilingual packaging and labeling, and audio/visual production.www.translingua.com
TransPerfect Multilingual translation services, including business, technical, governmental, and software.www.thetranslators.com
Transperfect Translations, Inc. Offer a broad range of language-related services, including translation, interpreting, multilingual copywriting, localizing software and web pages, cultural consulting, and more.www.transperfect.com
Transtek Associates, Inc. Translation agency serving corporations in multilingual typesetting, webpage translation, and more.www.transtekusa.com
Transtelecomm Providing translations of technical, legal, commercial, and financial documents in a variety of languages.www.transtelecomm.com
Travel Concept Solutions Makes translation and handwriting recognition software for the Newton.www.travel-cs.com
Trusted Translations Provides fast, accurate, and reliable professional Spanish, French, and Portuguese to English translations.www.trustedtranslations.com
UC Translations Complete translation and interpreting services offered in over 200 languages.www.uctranslations.com
Ukraine Postal Translations Translation and e-mail forwarding service in Ukrainian, English, Russian, and German.www.ukrainepostalexpress.com
Verbatim Solutions Offers translation services in over 120 languages for IT, medical, legal, business, technical, and other industries.www.verbatimsolutions.com
Verztec Consulting Provides professional translation, software and multimedia localization, multilingual desktop publishing, and web localization services in more than 60 foreign languages.www.verztec.com
viaLanguage Offers a range of services including document translation, web, multimedia, and software localization, internationalization, and cultural adaptation.www.vialanguage.com
Weizman Technical Writing and Localizations Translation and localization services for all European languages, as well as Hebrew and Arabic.www.weizman.co.il
Word Pros, Inc. Business and technical translation in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish.wordpros.home.mindspring.com
Wordbank Localization specialist advising on and helping global companies to deliver international communications cost-effectively and rapidly.www.wordbank.com
Wordnet, Inc. Specializing in foreign language translation, typesetting and printing.www.wordnet.com
WordZone Providing text and web site translation, interpretation, and proofreading services.www.wordzone.com
World Bridge Linguistics come.to/linguist
Write Stuff, The Manual and document production and translation into Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.www.writestuff.com
XTranslations.com Provides translation and proofreading services. Poland-based branch of the Eastern European Translation Agency.www.xtranslations.com
Zappmedia Communications [SPONSOR] Providing translation and localization services in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages.www.zappmedia.com

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ts said...

Wow! Amazing and comprehensive list. I might humbly suggest three others in the greater Tokyo area, for Japanese<->English:

- Glova (http://www.glova.co.jp)
- Simulingual, Inc. (http://www.slingual.com)
- TransBureau (http://www.tbnetjapan.com/)

Anthony said...

Could you please add a link to Active Gaming Media in your listing? (http://www.activegamingmedia.com) It is a translation agency specialized in video game localization. Thank you!

Test Blog said...

Great List. Good job. you can find the missing Legal Language Translation Services which i found useful to you...

Unknown said...

And for Hebrew translations,into and from most European languages , your best option is Milatova International Translations Ltd. You can find us on the net at http://www.milatova.com

tomitv said...

You forgot Kwintessential - a very good agency.

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Jeremy Adam said...

Hi there, great list! Here is another site to add to it > http://www.translationbackoffice.com (With strategic partnerships with simliar single language translation companies, Translation Back Office offers a wide range of languages for translation.)

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Unknown said...

Globalization Group, Inc.

French Translation said...


I would appreciate it If you could add http://www.thetranslationbooth.co.uk to your list. French to English Translations of Legal, Technical, and Financial Texts based in Edinburgh and Inverness, UK.

Thanks! ;)

Unknown said...

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Seffliva said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this "Mega List of Translation Agencies Worldwide" it will really help. Keep posting!


Jack said...

Out of curiousity what kind of training does it take to be a translator? I lived in Ecuador for two years and have taken some college classes and am looking to make some extra money. So what training is required?